Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson

Zebra Fiction

Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 9781420102772

Reviewed by Tanya



The ďStar Crossed KillerĒ is wrecking havoc in the rural Montana community.  The killer kidnaps the victims from an accident site (an accident the killer caused) and nurses them back to health.  The killer than ties the victim naked to a tree, and let them freeze to death.  The killer has the local and federal law enforcement running in circles.  Now as Detective Regan is rushing to confront her ex-husband about custody of her kids she knows she is in trouble.  When her tire blows out suddenly on a snow covered road she is scared she is the latest victim.  As everything is suddenly passing through her mind she is also thinking of Nate, whom she fears she now thinks of as more than just a fling, and wonders if she will survive to tell him. 

Nate Santana isnít your normal ranch hand.  He is the local boy without much who went away, was a decorated military member and now is back doing what he wants, hanging out taking care of horses and training dogs.  What he hasnít counted on is becoming more and more attracted to Regan.  When she stands him up he is surprised but when she doesnít answer his calls at all he decides something is up.  He is going to help find her whether her feisty partner Detective Selena Alverez wants to or not.  He is going to need a little more than luck on his side as it becomes clearer that time might be running out for Regan.

Will Regan escape/or be found, and can the killer be caught before they strike again?  For that matter will you figure out who the killer is before the last 50 pages? 

Lisa Jackson is known for writing suspense filled stories that you donít want to put down.  Chosen to Die is no exception in this rule.  I was gripped from the start of the story to the end.  She is also subtly able to include an element of romance in Chosen to Die and if Regan and Nate both are able to survive you know they will be stronger for their struggles (I am not revealing the ending, no how, no way).  Chosen to Die was my first Lisa Jackson novel and now I am hoping that Alvarez gets her own story.  I am now a huge fan of Ms. Jackson and her intrigue filled novels.


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