Cave Creek Cowboy: Ménage by Brit Blaise

Cave Creek Cowboy Series

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotic Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60272-189-0

Reviewed by Elysia



Zandra has wanted Jake ever since he caught her and her sister giving a blowjob to the man that would later become her sister’s husband.  Even then, she challenged him to be the extra with her and another guy.  He told her to bring it on.  Now, she finally has that chance.  But will either of them back out now that it’s really about to happen? And will either of them be willing to pay the price when emotions, and stalkers, get involved? 

I am not sure what to say about Cave Creek Cowboy: Ménage by Brit Blaise. I read it once and then put it aside to read again later. I enjoyed it more the second reading, but not enough to read it again. I found the sex, although fairly frequent, to be mechanical and step-by-step without much build up at all, not to mention over quickly. The conversation seemed stilted and much of the story seemed to be disjointed so I found myself lost more than once. I did like that Ms. Blaise didn’t brush off the trauma Zandra went through with the stalker, as though nothing happened, but I would have liked to see the resolution of the incident itself rather than read about it after it happened.


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