CatNap by Shelley Munro

Middlemarch Mates, Book 6

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 9781419922992

Reviewed by Lisa




The Patel siblings, Rohan and Ambar are sad that their parents have died and make plans to move to Middlemarch and open a store there.  There is a large shifter population to help them make a fresh start in a new town. 

They discover an amnesiac tiger shifter days before the big move and manage to quietly take him with them.  Rohan has never told his sister about his sexual preferences but itís hard to hide his raging desire for the tiger. 

He can remember that his name is Kiran, but little else.  His dreams are more like nightmares and fears that they are based on his real life.  Kiran wants to get on with his life, yet is frightened that his past will reappear and destroy any chance of future happiness with Rohan.  How can Rohan love a man who dreams of blood and fear? 

CatNap blends mystery and suspense with sizzling hot sexual encounters.  Likeable, charming main characters as well as a large cast of secondary characters are what make CatNap truly enjoyable.  Easily read as a stand alone tale, fans of the series will be pleased to meet up with characters from previous stories.  There are some plot threads left dangling, but the overall story is satisfying.  CatNap mixes layers of suspense, carnal encounters, humor, and a pinch of sadness into an entertaining tale.


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