Catch a Falling Star by Allyson James

Torrid Tarot

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic/Ménage/Some MM

ISBN: 9781419916960

Reviewed by Tanya



Lea crash lands her ship on a planet that doesn’t exist.  Wel,l she is convinced while it “doesn’t exist” that Pamaar definitely is there.  What she finds is a world with no technology with lush green landscapes, a far cry from her desert like planet called The Rock.  She also finds that the current King of Pamaar, Thane, and his personal bodyguard, Deo, are a gorgeous pair.  One is light and one is dark, the best of both worlds, Lea can’t help but thinking. 

On Pamaar it is considered a waste to not give into ones feelings of desire and to be a courtesan is actually a sought after job.  So it is not unusual for a union to be with more than one person.  A committed binding can be two men and one woman or two women and one man.  While Lea is stunned by this she can see that the king and his bodyguard love each other and don’t seem to be bothered by her attraction to either of them.

Thane is fascinated by Lea and is sure that she is part of the prophecy that, once fulfilled, will save his people.  She is the key to restoring his powers, and healing his people.  But will they both be able to come to terms with the consequences of this or not?  Also how will Lea react to Deon and will she be able to live with the outcome?
Lea finds herself quickly drawn to two men who are very much in love with each other, and surprised when they assume she'll form a threesome with them. She faces a difficult choice — if she finds out what's wrong with the protective shield around Pamaar and restores it, she'll be stranded there forever. But if she escapes, she'll leave Thane and Deon, the two men she's coming to love, to certain death. 

What would you do if you were faced with a chance at the ultimate happiness but it meant that you had to sever ties to the life you have always known, have no chance of going back, and there is no guarantee as to the success of the future?  These are the basic questions that are set forth by Ms. James in Catch a Falling Star.  I couldn’t put it down, which did lead to going to work on less than two hours of sleep, much to my coworkers chagrin.  I was intrigued with the premise of people being in such harmony with their land as to be able to heal with it etc.  I enjoyed Catch a Falling Star and hope that the other three clans will have their time in print.


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