Cake Walk by CB Potts

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M with Paranormal Elements

ISBN: 978-1-60370-825-8

Reviewed by Shayna



For Joel, the Gay Pastry Artisans Associationís Showpiece Competition is the perfect way to prove himself in the cake decorating world.  When he finds out the theme for the competition is classic male beauty, Joel knows heíll have to pull out all the stops to beat Rick Rasmussen, fellow cake decorator and Joelís ex.  Joel puts everything he has into his showpiece Ė his interpretation of Michelangeloís David.  But Rick is determined to win the competition at any cost, even going so far as to use an ancient curse on Joel.  However, the curse works in unexpected ways.  While Joelís life is suddenly filled with calamity, one part of the curse bears a surprising gift: Joelís David comes to life as a flesh-and-blood man.  The question is, if Joel manages to undo Rickís curse, will David disappear with it? 

Get ready for a sweet treat with this delicious story by CB Potts.  Cake Walk is similar to the story of Pygmalion, albeit with a few twists.  Joel is the talented cake and sugar artist who becomes slightly obsessed with creating his own interpretation of David.  When his labor of love comes to life, itís a surprise to both creator and former cake statue.  Both Joel and David are kind, likeable men, making it easy to enjoy their romance.  Rick, as the bad guy in this tale, is certainly spoiled and underhanded, but heís not truly villainous.  Cake Walk isnít a deep read and the obstacles Joel faces are fairly easily overcome, but not every story has to have layers to be enjoyable.  Cake Walk is light-hearted and fun, making it a pleasurable story to pass some time with.


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