Broken by Sage Whistler


Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-907280-08-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Gabriel Stalling and his brother Tristan havenít seen each other in years, yet when they finally do, itís like theyíve never been apart. Tristan is still fighting his attraction to his brother. When Gabriel kisses him, Tristan forgets about restraint and kisses him back. They know itís wrong but neither are sure they can deny their feelings for each other any longer.    

Broken is a story about brotherly love that goes beyond close friendship and blood ties. The first time Gabriel and Tristan give in to their forbidden desire for each other is extremely poignant and erotic. While sex between brothers is a taboo to most, Gabriel and Tristanís relationship in Broken feels very natural and right. There is a lot of angst in Broken and the brothers resist their desire for a time, but their need for each other eventually wins against any reservations. Itís very powerful. Broken is a beautiful and heart-felt story.  


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