Breath by Kate Hill

Mate Marks, Book 3

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-132-9

Reviewed by Lisa




A childhood meeting between Teena Parker and a strange boy with big blue eyes and a body covered in golden scales will never be forgotten by either.  Unfortunately for Teena, nobody believes her tale of meeting a “lizard boy.”  Later on as an adult with a degree and a specialty in studying reptiles, Teena is called the “mad scientist” because she refuses to renounce her childhood claim. 

Currently a group of scientists, including Teena, are studying reptiles in Australia when something strange happens at the base camp.  It seems that history is repeating itself as Teena comes face to face with a golden-scaled man named Flick.  Adding to her confusion, the birthmark on her breast matches Flick’s tail tip. Fate will have its way no matter how hard you fight it.  Teena and Flick will need to decide how much they wish to struggle before fate has her way. 

One minute tender and sweet, the next minute there is blazing hot passion; both are found in Breath.  A genuine love story, Breath unfolds into a special tale between a human and a shifter.  There aren’t any real surprises in Breath, yet the storyline and characters move the story right along to a satisfying conclusion.  Breath is fresh and inventive entertainment.


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