Bound by Tinsel by Melinda Barron

A Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe Tale

Resplendence Publishing


Reviewed by Shayna



You would imagine that auditioning phone sex operators for a planned prank on a friend would be fun for a man, but for attorney Burke Gordon, itís not as exciting as it would seem.  He hopes that the next phone sex artist, Serendipity, will work out so he can go home and concentrate on a big case heís working on.  But when Burke hears Serendipityís voice, all thoughts of the courtroom fly out of his head.  Despite only hearing her over the phone, Burke senses a connection between him and the irresistible Serendipity. 

Fallon Nichols is a court reporter by day, but supplements her income by being a phone sex artist by night.  Talking dirtyís her job, but something about her newest client, the dominant Mr. X, gets Fallon hot and bothered.  As phone sex leads to more intimate conversations, Fallon discovers she canít get Mr. X out of her mind.  When she finds out that Mr. X is Burke Gordon, a local attorney, Fallon decides she has to quash her fantasies of him.  How could a successful lawyer ever fall for a size sixteen court reporter? 

What Fallon doesnít know is that Burke isnít about to let her go without a fight.  Heís done some investigating of his own, and with the help of a little tinsel, heíll bind Fallon to him in the same way sheís already bound his heart to her. 

Sometimes all you need to find love is a little serendipity.  Bound by Tinsel is a wonderfully fun, sexy tale about luck Ė or fate Ė bringing two lovers together in a most unusual way.  Both Burke and Fallon are characters who work hard and, when it comes to one another, play even harder.  It was delightful to read about two characters who began to fall for one another by learning one anotherís secrets and desires before they could be influenced by one anotherís looks or social positions.  Because Fallon and Burke are such likeable characters, it was especially exciting to watch how they clicked first on the phone and then in person.  Iím a sucker for a happy ending, and Melinda Barron writes some of the best, filled with unconditional love, acceptance, and, of course, red-hot sex.  Bound by Tinsel is a gift that keeps on giving, bringing joy and satisfaction with it every time itís read.


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