Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

The Others

St. Martinís Press


ISBN: 978-0312947958

Reviewed by Jo



Missy Roper knows exactly who her fantasy man is and it certainly isnít anyone that her friends are trying to set her up with.  However Missy did agree to their fantasy game and now she is dressed totally unlike herself and about to walk into Avaís party Ė one she doesnít want to be at.  Missy canít take it anymore and decides that a quick retreat is the mission of the night.  But just when she has almost escaped, Missy smacks directly into a chest.  Oh no, itís HIS chest. 

Graham Winters is the alpha of the Silverback werewolf clan and pretty much satisfied with how is life is right now.  The one bad part is a minor relative, who could never top him in a fight for alpha, now trying to use every back road to force Graham out, heís not worried though just extremely irritated.   Tonight however he is at a party and bored.  Everyone knows that a bored wolf is not a good thing.  Then he catches sight of a woman who makes him stand up and take notice.  Graham knows that by the end of the night he will be with this woman, no matter what.  Instead of a cozy conversation Graham is bounced into and then run from.  Anyone who has ever read a fairy tale knows you canít run from the big bad wolf. 

Missy is more than irritated when Graham doesnít recognize her, after all they were teamed up together at a wedding recently.  Fierce attraction leads to a night of unbelievable sex.  Morning gives Missy misgivings and Graham the knowledge that Missy is his mate and it doesnít matter that she is a human.  Now he just has to convince Missy and his clan that she is his perfect mate.  The clan, or most of it, just might be the easier part.  If that isnít tough enough, his irritating relative has forced Grahamís hand in several areas.  Both Missy and Graham are going to have to prove they are the true alphas of the Silverback clan and it will take all the cunning they both have to make it through the next few days together. 

Whatís a girl to do when she is the focus of sexy wolf?  Big Bad Wolf brings another of the friends together with another Other in Ms. Warrenís latest story.  Missy agreed to be part of the fantasy fix she and her friends began a while ago, but she knows exactly who her best fantasy is and he turns hairy every now and then.  Graham isnít looking for his mate when she slams right into his chest, amazingly he knows her already.  The night that Graham and Missy finally came together there was no question that it was not a one-night stand.  I loved the original story of Missy and Graham and this re-written and extended version of their story was just as good if not better.  I really loved watching Missy step into the shoes of a female alpha, even being a human because she made up her mind that no one was going to take Graham from her.  Big Bad Wolf is a love story filled with eroticism and humor.  A must read if you love Ms. Warrenís Others as much as I do.


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