Barely Bewitched by Kimberly Frost

Southern Witch, Book 2



ISBN: (10) 0425229610 (13) 978-0425229613

Reviewed by Amelia



Witch Tammy Jo Trask can’t control her magic, and that has brought her to the attention of WAM, the World Association of Magic. They plan to test her abilities, and if she fails, well, things won’t turn out well for her. To help her prepare they’ve sent Jordan Perth, who brings along fire witch Incendio Maldaron. Even though Tammy Jo knows that losing this challenge may cost her her life, she has bigger fish to fry. 

She’s accidentally let loose pixie dust, which sets the town of Duvall, Texas, on its ears, making everyone do crazy things. Tammy Jo’s not sure what to do about things. Despite warnings from WAM to stay away from him, she seeks advice from attorney and witch Bryn Lyons, which puts both of them in danger. 

Tammy Jo is attracted to Bryn, but there’s always those feelings she still has for her ex-husband, Zach, who doesn’t believe in the magical stuff but wants to keep his ex-wife by his side.

Tammy Jo has to figure out a way to gather the pixie dust to set things in town to right, and keep from being vaporized by WAM. Can she put things to right, or will Duvall be blown off the map? 

Kimberly Frost’s Southern Witch series is a mixture of magic and romance that keeps me laughing.  Barely Bewitched, the second book, focuses more on the magical part rather than the romance, but I still found it very entertaining. The action is continual and the situations go from bad to worse for Tammy Jo and her town.

One of the things I love about this series is Tammy Jo’s spunk and her ability to face anything and not back down. She is her own woman and faces her challenges head on. 

I loved the way Ms. Frost wove in new elements to the series, which kept me turning the pages and wondering exactly what was going to happen next.  The ending put a smile on my face and made me wish I had to make Tammy Jo’s decisions. 

Barely Bewitched is full of sexual tension, magical mayhem and goes from one crazy situation to another. All of this combines to provide a fun read that kept me entertained and left me wanting more.


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