An Honored Wife by Viola Grace

Rune Series-Wunjo

eXtasy Books

Sci-Fi Futuristic, Ménage

ISBN: 1-55410-812-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Emily is stranded when her shuttle crashes on a world far beyond the safety of the Alliance.  After the Xarit rescue her, the chief takes her as an Honored Wife.  Her skills as a hunter and provider are unsurpassed, making her a highly valued member of their community.  Unfortunately the Xarit are so biologically different, they are poisonous to Terrans.  Emily‘s precognitive gifts help her to foresee the crash of another shuttle, and that the males inside are her mates.  She will be forced to make a choice of whether or not she wishes to discard her comfortable, familiar life with the Xarit in favor of forging a life-time bond with two strangers. 

Runes are used in divination so it’s a nice touch that the heroine, Emily, in An Honored Wife, has the ability to predict/see the future.   Emi has a neo-tribal, shamanistic appeal in both appearance and manner that makes her a unique and thrilling protagonist.  Viola Grace is an extremely innovative author, and this is another story in the Rune series showcasing her ingenuity for creating interesting people and places.   Her alien character designs alone would give George Lucas a run for his money.   

The setting details make Emily’s life and status with the Xarit fascinating.  With the arrival of her mates, the opportunity to explore and learn about yet another alien race and their customs bring extra flavor to the twists and tangles along the way.  I always appreciate the way this author uses the narrative (and humor) to build tension and anticipation between her characters.  I never notice how long it’s taking for them to make it to the bedroom!  When the moment of truth arrived, it was explosive and searing.   I can’t get enough of Ms. Grace’s work; thankfully she has proved to be as prolific as she is talented. 


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