And Mistress Makes Three by Francis Ray

Invincible Womenís Series, Book 5

St. Martinís Griffin

African American

ISBN-10: 0312573685

ISBN-13: 978-0312573683

Reviewed by Indy



Gina Rawlins is the perfect wife, one who doesnít ask a lot of questions, who takes care of her home and children. Too bad her husband didnít fall into her fairy tale existence and decided his wife and children were not a priority and his wandering eye was. Left to pick up the pieces with her children, no support and a struggling business Gina is close to a breaking point. Who knew a miracle would come in the form of businessman Max Chaneau. A visit to his new bed and breakfast lands her a consulting job as well as a redesign for her travel website. Considering the struggles sheís had to obtain new clients Gina could take all the help she can get. Spending time with Max turns into more than a business opportunity, his gentle touch, giving spirit and sexy good looks soon has Gina wondering if maybe starting all over wonít be as hard as she originally thought. Now all she has to do is get her teenaged daughter on board, her deadbeat ex to help out and things in her life might just turn out all right after all.  

Thereís nothing greater than a love story where a good person finally gets what they deserve, a happily ever after. And Mistress Makes Three started with such angst for the heroine Gina, I wondered on multiple occasions if this woman, so lacking in self-confidence, would ever get a break. Max Chaneau didnít disappoint as a well bred, intelligent and romantic man he was just what a woman filled with so much love to give needed. His patience and care with her feelings and that of her children was special to experience. Francis Ray really did some of her best work with her ability to describe the emotional upheaval all family members go through during a divorce. Not only the spouses but their childrenís lives are also changed forever. Ginaís children are great supporting characters from the sweet younger son to the troubled teen daughter who made me want to pop her through the pages.  

One unexpected twist to And Mistress Makes Three is a side story showcasing Ginaís best friend Celeste and a police officer names Alec. Alec a man haunted by an incident on the job and Celeste a whirlwind beauty who wonít take no for an answer. These two were fascinating together and a really great addition to a lovely novel that touches your heart and soothes the need for a romance between four people who couldnít have deserved it more.


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