A Gift of Daybreak by Stella & Audra Price

Knossos West, book 3

Total E-Bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-907010-69-9

Reviewed by Jo



Andy Derell is in Las Vegas for his cousin's marriage—to a viper of all things.  Now that his official appearance has been made, Andy is looking for an opportunity to make his escape.  However, before that happens, he is visited and given an invitation he can't refuse.  He has to audition the females vying to be his mate, in the most venomous nest in the country.  Andy cannot think of anything worse than having a venomous snake for a mate. 

Fajer Copeland is the only non-venomous snake in her nest, which restricts how and when she is able shift and other activities.  When she learned that her step-mother invited a strange snake in for a possible mating, Fajer wanted no part of the cattle call.  But that was before she met Andy and she is willing to fight for him in her own fashion. 

Andy can't believe his luck that the snake he is most attracted to is non-venomous.  He also can't believe jut how sheltered Fajer has been for the majority of her life.  Even if they don't end up mating, Andy wants to give Fajer a taste of freedom.  Of course, both are positive that their mating will work out as hoped.  Now he just has to bring Fajer home to his nest and show her all that she has been missing, not only general activities but a sense of belonging and knowing she is loved. 

When you are the odd snake out, can you ever find a nest to belong to? In A Gift of Daybreak, Andy discovers what his cousins have both found—the mate of his dreams.  Fajer is not planning on doing anything to encourage the male invited to her nest for auditions but then she meets Andy.  Andy is in the position of having the accept the invitation of his nightmares, only to discover the nest's diamond.  I loved how Andy and Fajer immediately sensed they were each other's mate but then took the time to make sure prior to actually mating.  Watching Fajer come out of her shell with Andy's loving assistance brought another dimension to the story.  A Gift of Daybreak is an old-fashioned style of love story with an erotic and paranormal twist.  Now that the three cousins are mated, I wonder who is next.


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