Agent Provocateur by Nathalie Gray

Red Sage Press


ISBN: 9781603103022

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Mercury and Troy are professional killers.  When they are brought together, itís impossible for them to resist their mutual attraction, unable to stop challenging one another.  They understand what it means to be an outcast; both are mutants, willing to exploit every weakness to their advantage.

What happens when their grab for dominance becomes a do-or-die situation?  Will they be forced to choose sides and ignore their feelings? 

Nathalie Gray is gifted at creating heroines that will slug it out with the man of their dreams and face off with them in a scorching lip lock in the same scene.  Whatís superior about her stories is this author is skilled at making you care about and like a woman that has just crushed her loverís jaw with an uppercut.  Mercury is no exception to Ms. Grayís formula, and Troy balances it all out so perfectly that by the time the villains step in, you know this dynamic duo will kick butt and have steaming hot sex as the bodies cool around them.  Sure itís not hearts and flowers, and Iím the first to admit I read Ms. Grayís books for the non-stop action, thrills and bedroom spills, vicious villains and slice-and-dice fight scenes.  It works; rolling as fluidly as the quicksilver the female lead is named for.    

Agent Provocateur is extraordinary in how it grips your brain and keeps you leaning into the narrative.  The pacing is an adrenaline-driven cycle of danger, intrigue, and killing floor romance with enough smack-down effect youíre breathless and hungry for more of the same.  


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