A Dark Love by Margaret Carroll



ISBN 978-0-06-165278-3

Reviewed by Nannette



When Caroline Hughes was still a carefree college student with hopes and dreams for the future, she met Dr. Porter Moross, who quickly crushed all of them. Years later, Caroline is running for her life from Porterís emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.  Caroline heads to the peaceful town of Storm Pass, Colorado. Itís everything Caroline ever wanted but could never have with Porter. Ex-football player Ken Kincaid and the charming people of Storm Pass welcome Caroline with open arms, but Caroline knows she is on borrowed time. Porter will eventually find her and when he does, heíll kill her and anyone else that gets in his way. 

If Porter is the monster in Carolineís nightmares, then Ken is her handsome and charming knight in shining armor. Caroline ultimately saves herself, literally and figuratively. Porter wasnít just abusive, he was psychotic. The glimpses into Carolineís painful past and her abusive marriage to Porter make her self preservation that much more triumphant. While the empathetic part of me feels sorry for any tortured soul, Porter is a very sick and twisted man and itís impossible to show him compassion. Caroline is lucky to have gotten out alive. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for when and how Porter would strike.  A Dark Love is a riveting thriller with a heart-warming romance.


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