Watch Me by Brenda Novak

The Last Stand, Book 3


Sensual Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-7783-2526-0

Reviewed by Nannette



Sheridan Kohl has come back to her hometown of Whiterock, Tennessee, to help solve a case. Twelve years ago, Jason Wyatt and Sheridan were shot, Jason was killed. Sheridan and her two friends Skye and Jasmine run a charity for victims of violent crimes called The Last Stand. Sheridan is only in town one day when she is brutally and almost fatally attacked. It seems someone doesnít want her re-investigating this crime.

Sheridan lost her heart and her virginity to Cain Granger, Jasonís stepbrother, a few weeks before Jasonís murder. She and her family left town right after. Sheridan and Cain havenít seen each other in the intervening twelve years but when Cain finds her almost dead in the woods on his property he instantly becomes her protector. The history between Cain and Sheridan is thick and there are a lot of people who donít like it. Everyone seems to think Cain is guilty. Sheridan is his only supporter. Someone wants her gone though, and they are running out of time trying to find who wants her dead and why.

Suspense, grizzly murders, and an intense attraction between Sheridan and Cain fill the pages of Watch Me. Long lost loves, unrequited loves, jealousy, betrayal, and a psychopath too, make it an exciting and angst filled story. Being the victim of not one, but two violent crimes, puts Sheridan in a very unique position. Sheís capable, strong, and beautiful. Itís a very enticing combination and one Cain cannot resist. Everywhere Cain turns he faces censure and hostility. He is a very honorable and good man considering what he lives with on a daily basis. Sheridan and Cain are great together. I was cheering for them from the moment Cain picked her up off the forest floor. Watch Me is another edge-of-your-seat novel in The Last Stand series. Iím anxiously looking forward to the next one!


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