To Catch A Highlander by Karen Hawkins

MacLean Curse Series, Book 3

Pocket Books

Historical/ Scottish Highlands

ISBN: 978-1416525059

Reviewed by Tanya



Sophia has worked hard to make the family estate (won by her father in a gambling match) into a home to be treasured by all.  It is the last thing she has to remember her mother by.  But, when her father goes to town to sell her late motherís diamonds he instead loses the deed to the house and property.  Now what is Sophia to do?  Well she hatches a plan to do what she must to keep her family home, even if it means undoing all the hard work she has put in.  If that doesnít work then she will play cards for the one thing that she has left, her virtue.  While she wouldnít mind a few kisses with Lord Dougal she doesnít want to lose everything.

Then suddenly when she spends time with the man she finds that her thoughts become cloudy and seem to stay on him.  Not that Lord Dougal is having anything easier.  He is amused that she is one of the few people who will stand up to him.  Even when it makes him angry, and when he gets angry everyone knows the skies open up and the wind howls, not to mention the pesky lightning.

But when all is said and done, and the games come to an end, will they both end up losing?  If they donít listen to their hearts will it matter who has the estate?

To Catch A Highlander was a laugh out loud funny tale from the first page to the last. I thoroughly loved how Ms. Hawkins used her imagination to come up with ways that Sophia could make the wonderful home appear to be a "dump".  I was also intrigued to see that in Sophia there was a heroine that would not be taken advantage of, and is strong in her convictions, whether it is to keep her house, or to kiss Lord Dougal. The added whimsy of the curse that plagues the MacLean clan made me laugh and think what I would do if every time I got angry it started to storm.  To Catch A Highlander is not your normal historical romance with Dukes, Viscounts and balls with women planning whom to dance with next; it is a fast paced fun look at gambling and personal convictions.  I was thoroughly entertained by To Catch A Highlander and think you need to make sure you pick it up and plan on enjoying this read.  I look forward to the next Scottish Highland Romance offering by Ms. Hawkins, as they are always a breath of fresh air.


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