The Eagle and the Dove by Victoria Morrow

Leisure Books


ISBN: 978-0-8439-5842-3

Reviewed by Ley



Rescued from outlaws by a man looking for revenge, Katherine Dory convinces her rescuer to help her find her family.  Katherine never imagined in her upper-crust life that she would be wandering the wilderness with a wild man of Jesse McCallumís upbringing.  Even worse she never imagined her self falling in love and marrying him either. 

Jesse McCallum knew he and Katherine were from different words but he couldnít stop himself from loving her and marrying her.  Alone in the wilderness their love was perfect but when Katherine is reunited with her family, will what they share survive?

The Eagle and the Dove starts out as a great historical romance with the clashing of the hero and heroine and then the falling of love.  I was enjoying it a lot until Katherine abandoned Jesse.  At that point she was unworthy of Jesseís love.  I adored Jesse, he deserved so much more and much better treatment. This is one of the few times in a story that I didnít want a happy ending between the hero and the heroine, I honestly wanted Jesse to move on and forget her.  In the end there is a romantic happily ever after, but Iím still holding a grudge.


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