The Dragon’s Daughter by Sierra Dafoe

Dragon’s Heir, Book 1

Changeling Press

Erotic Shape Shifter/Ménage/Gay/MM

ISBN: 978-1-59596-211-0

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



The Dragon Queen, Melgara, sent her daughter away years ago to Earth to keep her safe.  Elara, the princess, grew up not knowing magic and dragons really exist.  When two princes from her birth world show up and begin posturing for her attention, Elara is flattered but really unsure of her choice.  She finds that she is attracted to both of them and has no idea how she is ever going to be able to choose between them.

The Dragon’s Daughter is the first novel in Sierra Dafoe’s Dragon’s Heir series.  A delightful tale of magic and dragons, I laughed more than once at the antics of Darrek and Rand while trying to get Elara’s attention.  Speaking of which, poor thing couldn’t choose.  As if we all could be so lucky!

Run to Changeling and try this passionate novel.  You’ll be glad you did – especially since The Dragon’s Daughter is the first of many installments!


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