The Cat by Jean Johnson

Sons of Destiny, Book 5


Berkley Trade Paperback

ISBN: 0425221490

ISBN: 978-0425221495

Reviewed by Ley



Trevan Corvis is the fifth born son of Jean Johnson’s Sons of Destiny series and he is fascinated with Amara, an outlander new to Nightfall and also a shape-changer.  Wooing Amara is proving to be difficult not just for her ability to avoid Trevan but her reasons behind it.  Amara distrusts mages and even though there is something about Trevan that draws her to him, she can’t get past what he is.  Trevan is quite aware it will take more than his charm to get past Amara’s defenses, and he pulling out all the stops.

The Cat is a very lively installment to the Sons of Destiny series.  Trevan and Amara are a entertaining pair and a perfectly contrasting match for each other.  I especially love how Amara is setting up to be the one to finally ‘de-throne’ Kelly and her overbearing attitude.  The Cat is humorous and fun, and this series gets better with each installment.  Followers of this series will be very pleased with what The Cat has to offer.


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