The Cajunís Captive by Selena Blake

Storm Weather, Book 1

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-269-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Restlessness seems to consume Sebastian Deveraux these days.  Deveraux Shipping continues to make a great deal of money for him and brothers, Andre and Jules but it is past time to take a mate, a Luna to Sebastianís alpha wolf.

It has been close to ten years since Amanda St. James left Cajun territory for New York and a career in journalism.  Mandaís overwhelming crush on Sebastian and the fear that he would never feel the same had sent the 18 year old running.

Believing Sebastian has reached out to her, Manda returns home and sees something she wasnít supposed to.  Sebastian seizes Manda and considers it divine intervention that she has arrived.  Now, Manda wishes sheíd never returned and Sebastian plans to never let her leave.  Only time will tell what the future holds and whose wish comes true.

Cajunís Captive has fast pacing, great atmosphere and more hotties than you can count on one hand.  I liked the characters a lot and the writing style is crisp but there are holes in the story such as the flowers true sender and some of the interaction between Sebastian and Manda stretches the imagination.  I wonít say more so I donít spoil the plot but there are discrepancies.  I really wanted to enjoy this story, the energy is there but too many loose threads unravel the tale.


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