Speed Bumps by Ken Casper

Harlequin NASCAR


ISBN: 9-780373-21774-8 

Reviewed by Tanya



Gabby has finally found a job that she loves.  She can’t get enough of the joy it gives her in fact.  If only her mother would stop harping about “it not being a job for a lady”, and would she please stop trying to set her up.  But, no matter what she tells her mother the woman does not seem to listen, in fact it almost seems like she might be sabotaging her career.

Gabby is a rookie on the NASCAR circuit with a new team and wants to not only do her crew proud but there does seem to be a bit of a spark between her and the team’s owner.  But, she knows protocol and will not make the first move, now just how to get him to make the first.

Now she and Vaughn are starting to get closer, and even Vaughn’s daughter seems to like Gabby as much as she likes them both.  Her career seems to be heading upwards as she keeps doing well in races.  But, what will happen when her mother pulls a dirty trick, and in a different episode Vaughn gets seriously hurt?  Will Gabby stick to NASCAR or race in the other direction?

Ken Casper seems to know his audience well as he has another great NASCAR romance story in Speed Bumps.  I am not even a NASCAR fan but I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.  Me. Casper does a fine job in setting the stage for all the misconceptions with Gabby and how she finally decides to fight for what she wants.  The interaction between Gabby and many of the fans as well as her mother are priceless.  If you want to have a fun, fast paced, revved up read then pick up Speed Bumps.


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