Sinful Treats by Violet Summers

Scenes from Velvet Ice, Book 1

Liquid Silver

Erotic BDSM

ISBN: 9781595784964

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Kendra Moore is at Velvet Ice to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Having heard about the risqué and illicit things that supposedly go on up on the third floor, Kendra and her friend have a plan to get Kendra up there.  Much to Kendra’s surprise, she is able to slip up the stairs and make her way to the third floor.  Her eyes full of wonder, Kendra is unaware that she is being followed by Master Sin, a dominant of the club. 

Sinclair Martin or “Master Sin” to the club’s submissives, knows that Kendra has no reason to be up on Velvet Ice’s third floor.  Dressed as she is, Sin finds himself aroused and intrigued.  When she becomes scared during a scene with another dominant, Sin comes to her rescue. Or does he? With Kendra’s compliance, Sin spends the rest of the night showing her exactly what it means to be his submissive.

With the night’s end, neither Kendra nor Sin leave the club unchanged.  While each knows that their BDSM play was for one night only, they both yearn for more.

Violet Summers never fails to capture my attention with each new release.  Sinful Treats is such a book.  Taking Kendra’s obvious innocence and Sin’s dominant and alpha personality, Violet Summers has penned a BDSM novel of arousing and moving emotions.  Fully in charge of his BDSM tendencies, Sin’s control over his heart is null and void once Kendra enters his life.  Add in Kendra’s feelings and they are the perfect match.

Sinfully sexy, smoldering hot, and devilishly decadent, Sinful Treats is a highly erotic and brilliant look at the BDSM world through the eyes of a submissive.  I was mesmerized and sweating all at the same time. Don’t miss this enticing book!



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