Shotgun Bride by Aurora Rose Lynn

Riding Shotgun, Book 1

Total E-Bound

Erotic Western

ISBN: 978-1-906590-95-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Emma Brewster has finally made her escape from the brothel in which she has worked.  She is bound and determined to make herself into a lady and leave her past behind her.  She is looking forward to her new life as a proper woman but canít help but be sad for the considerate and loving cowboy named Branson she left behind. When the stagecoach she is on is pulled over by outlaws, Emma is unsure of what to expect and when the door to her conveyance is opened and she looks into the eyes of the man that pulled the stage over, Emma canít believe her eyes.  It seems that her cowboy has other plans for her and leaving town without him isnít one of them.

Shotgun Bride is an erotic look at one manís unwillingness to let the woman he loves slip away.  Branson was not willing to allow Emma to leave him and so he took drastic and sensual measures to make sure she changed her mind. His methods were hot enough to melt wax and I loved every steamy scene.  If Emma hadnít changed her mind, I fully intended to volunteer to mend his broken heart myself!


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