Running Scared by Cheryl Norman

Medallion Press


ISBN: 978-1-933836-41-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Ashley Adams is finally starting to take her life back after leaving her abusive husband Peter. The divorce is now final, shes living on her own, and shes training to run a marathon. While out on a run with her friend Marv, Ashley is almost killed when she witnesses a murder. Homicide detective Rick Edwards is investigating the crime. Since losing his wife and child, Rick devotes all of his time to work in an effort to keep the guilt and pain of losing them at bay. While Ashley is convinced the killer is Peter and signs do point to him, maybe hes not. But who else would want Ashley dead? Rick is determined to find out whos after Ashley. Shes become important to him. Shes saved him from himself.

Running Scared is big on emotion and suspense. From the beginning you think you know who the killer is but there is always doubt. Rick is a great guy buried in grief. He suffered a heartbreaking loss as well as a possible painful betrayal. Ashley is a survivor in every sense. She gets a new lease on life when she finally musters the courage to leave Peter. The romance between Ashley and Rick develops slowly and realistically. I was just as anxious to see who the killer was as I was to see Rick an Ashley together!   Running Scared is a very good story from a terrific author.


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