Reclaiming Nicola by Anika Hamilton


Interracial, Erotic

Reviewed by Indy



Deciding to cut her losses and move on, Nicola is surprised when the man who tore her heart apart summons her to his family home. Unsure what he could want and believing all has already been said Nicola still goes to the Wiese home. One interruption after another leaves her so frazzled shes ready to just cut her losses and run but Victor has something else in mind. Can hurt feelings be put aside as two people try finding their way back to each other again?

Attempting to pack a lot of story into a condensed quickie, Reclaiming Nicola is the story of a woman whos been hurt by the man she loves and his attempts at getting her back. I have to admit I found his attempts rather weak and felt as if she could have been stronger in making him at least sweat after the heartache he caused. Neat thing about erotic tales is its not about an outstanding plot but more about the eroticism and heat the story is able to generate. Anika Hamilton does that, even if my analytical mind had me wishing for more.


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