Recipe for Disaster by Michelle M. Pillow

Matthews Sisters, Book 3

Cheek Books


ISBN:  0-352-34177-7

Reviewed by Jambrea



Zoe Matthews is a chef without a kitchen.  Fired from her last job, she is bartending when she almost blows her chance at redeeming herself.  When Zoe finds out the customer she just insulted is a restaurant mogul, she fears her days as a chef may be numbered.

Jackson Levy just wanted a drink and maybe to flirt with the bartender when he is shot down.  He plans to teach her a lesson she will never forget.

Is this fiasco a Recipe for Disaster?

Recipe for Disaster is a blast!  Zoe has foot-in-mouth disease…BIG time, but it makes for a wonderfully funny story and it is probably the best thing that ever happens to her.  Jackson gets more than he bargained for when he tries to teach Zoe a lesson.  I love these two together.  The Matthews Sisters books are witty, fun and Recipe for Disaster is a great addition to the series.  Michelle M. Pillow writes an engaging story and I loved the visits from the other Matthews Sisters.  I can’t wait for the next book.


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