Peck of Pickles by Lena Austin

Changeling Press

M/M Ménage Trois Humor and Satire

ISBN: 978-1-60521-062-9

Reviewed by Ley



Pickling his cucumbers was the only thing on farmer Linc Hallberg’s mind when he headed over to the extension office to use their pickling facility.  Extension agent Pol Backstrom is waiting for him along with a few other surprises that will shake up his small town life.

Peck of Pickles is a comical and fun read, and not to mention very hot. Linc is sweet kind and very, very lonely.  Being a closeted gay man in a small town can had him feeling very much alone and in the course of one day his isolated life changed drastically with the help of Pol and the introduction of Scientists Marc O’Neill.  I liked this story.  Linc’s sweetness and the hot chemistry between Linc, Pol and Marc made Peck of Pickles a great read.


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