Paging Miss Galloway by Susanne Marie Knight

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Regency Romance

ISBN 978-1-58749-712-4

Reviewed by Cassie



Desperate to see her sick brother, Danielle Galloway decides to go to extremes.  She cuts off all her hair and dresses as a boy, planning to take the mail coach to Bath to check on him.  Instead, she is beaten by two young thugs, robbed, and left in an alley.  Edward Sterling, the Fifth Earl of Tremaine, and his friend find and help her, believing her to be a young boy.  When the earl offers her a position as his page and a chance to travel to Bath with them, she has little choice but to agree.

A former navy man more comfortable with the title of Captain Sterling, Edward isn’t terribly happy to be an Earl.  He immediately wants to help young “Danny,” and the best way to do so is to offer the boy a job.  He soon discovers that Danny is a very strange lad indeed.  What will happen if he discovers Danielle’s ruse?

Paging Miss Galloway is a cute Regency tale of disguises, deception, and unexpected love.  Danielle was a character I alternately was amused by and wanted to slap some sense into.  Her foolhardy decisions and stubbornness got her into a lot of trouble.  Edward was a nice foil for her—responsible, caring, kind, and mature.  Edward’s friend Raleigh provided some funny moments, as did some of the other secondary characters.  The plot was a bit busy, with Danielle’s deception, a will with stipulations, and a couple of other issues they had to resolve.  While the title character of Paging Miss Galloway irritated me several times, as a whole the story was a fun, quick read. 



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