Once Upon a Veterinarian by Drew Zachary

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-492-2

Review by Ley



Benís life is laid back and simple.  He loves his job as a veterinarian; he loves hanging out with his best friend and aside from the occasional pet emergencies with his practice, he pretty much just goes with the flow.  Ben loved his life, the only thing missing was someone special, and Ben didnít realize how much he was missing that until he met Tim.

Tim, a police officer investigating the recent poisoning of pets in the area is instantly attracted to Ben and is very happy the feeling is mutual.  Tim and Ben have the making of an easy and perfect relationship, but to both their dismay lifeís interference is not making it easy and far from perfect.  Will what they feel for each other be lost before it begins or will Ben and Tim find away to make it work?

Once Upon a Veterinarian is a delightful story.  Itís an easy paced story of two men who have full lives trying to find a way to blend the two together.  I got a bit frustrated with Ben because he was a bit too complacent and at times slightly prudish.  I felt the guys blew some prime opportunities to be together, but in a way I was very happy their relationship wasnít rushed.  I loved that Ben and Tim got to know and each and their love and respect for each other seemed more solid because it wasnít all centered around sex.  I liked Ben and Staceyís relationship but on more than one occasion I wanted to flick them upside the head for being so dense, especially Stacy even though I couldnít help but like her.  I also liked the hostility between Amy and Tim, and the way Tim antagonized it.  If there is a sequel to Once Upon a Veterinarian I loved to see if Amy ever warms up to Tim. Once Upon a Veterinarian is a terrific story and another fine romance from Drew Zachary.


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