No Longer His by Carol Lynne

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 971419912214

Reviewed by Zayn



Sam has been in love with the idea of Kelly for years, since he first set eyes on her photo.  When he finally meets Kelly in person, she is all that he imagined and more.  Unfortunately, Kelly is married.

Kelly's marriage is hell. She's a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful daughters but her husband is abusive both verbally and physically.  On a family vacation, she meets Sam, who is the total opposite of her husband.  When she returns home things go from bad to worse.

Kelly is finally free from her husband but can she put her trust in Sam and risk her heart again?

No Longer His is heart-wrenching.   What Kelly endures from her husband is appalling but if there was ever a perfect man, it's Sam. Kelly blossoms under Sam's loving attention and so do her daughters. No Longer His was a wonderful story of how the human spirit can bounce back with just the right amount of nurturing.


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