Noah by Jacquelyn Frank

Nightwalkers, Book 5


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8069-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Noah, the usually in control and stoic King of the Demons, is uncharacteristically uneasy.  Noah is no exception to the rules that bind all Nightwalkers. He feels the need during Samhain just like they all do. Lately his need for his mate is becoming almost unbearable though. He dreams of her every night but never sees her face. He doesn’t know who she is, or where she is, but he knows she is “the one.”.

Kestra Irons has spent most of her life as independent and in control as possible. Lately her erotic dreams of an unknown man are rocking her tough façade. With help, Noah finally meets Kestra but the meeting is nothing like he hoped. Not only are they surrounded by danger but also Kestra is fighting him tooth and nail. Noah has his work cut out for him convincing Kestra that they were destined to be together as a new threat is poised to destroy the Nightwalkers. How do you stop a threat that comes from the inside?  It will take everything Noah has, Kestra’s newfound power, and the strength of each and every Nightwalker to stop their enemies, again.  

From the beginning of the Nightwalker series I was anxious to read Noah’s story. Noah is everything I hoped it would be and more! Noah needed a story as powerful and compelling as he is and he needed a woman to match his intensity and strength. Kestra fits him to a T. As the Nightwalkers fight yet another threat, the storyline continues to remain fresh and thrilling. One of the things I like most about series novels is the continuation of a great storyline and revisiting old characters. In Noah, previous characters play a very big role in the story. Jacquelyn Franks’ characters come alive on the pages. You can’t help but feel drawn to each and every one. The Vampires, Demons, Lycanthropes and more are fascinating and personable. Noah is engaging, exciting, enchanting, and erotic. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Jacquelyn Frank is one hell of a storyteller!


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