Never Too Old by Carol Lynne

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419910999

Reviewed by Zayn



Joe Dunberg is a fifty-six year old doctor in the small town of Gorge City.  He has a temporary houseguest in his daughter's best friend Holly Mills.  Joe is very attracted to Holly but he is horrified by his feelings for her because she is thirty years younger. 

Holly has wanted Joe for years.  She compared every potential boyfriend to the fantasy of Joe and they all came up wanting.  Holly finally has the opportunity to make her fantasy a reality, now all she has to do is convince Joe that age is just a number.

I loved Carol Lynne's portrayal of the older guy, younger woman dynamic.  Joe was determined to be a gentleman and I loved watching him wrestle with his desires.  He and Holly sizzled in the bedroom and they were perfect for each other out of it. Never Too Old was a fantastic read.


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