Never Romance A Rake by Liz Carlyle

Never Trilogy Book 3

Pocket Star


ISBN: 1416527168

Reviewed by Tanya



Mademoiselle Marchand (Camille) is a desperate woman.  She is a French woman in England and she needs to marry an English “blue blood” within the next six weeks to get her inheritance.  And she will even get more if she is able to have a child within two years.  She has revealed part of this to her wastrel father but not all, for which she is glad when he offers her hand in marriage as part of a card game.  Luckily Baron Rothewell decides to save this damsel in distress and throws the game thus giving himself a betrothed.  But, he is clear with her that he plans to not change any of his rakehell ways and that is the bargain that he is willing to offer.  But, no matter what his intent is he can’t seem to keep his eyes off Camille and she seems to be losing the one thing she is most afraid of, her heart.  Can they work things out and work together for their goals before it is too late?

Wow, Never Romance A Rake had more of a happy ending that even I expected.  This is the third book in Ms. Carlyle’s latest trilogy and I thoroughly enjoyed the overall story.  I was especially intrigued by the medical terms, diagnoses etc. that were discussed during the story.  Never Romance A Rake also takes you briefly onto more than one continent it tells some of what is happening in France and the West Indies during this same time.  I found how Ms. Carlyle ties all of these facets together to be fun.  This book has it all, headstrong women and men, growing love and an engagement via. a card game.  I enjoyed Never Romance A Rake and think other historical romance fans will also, especially with the overall twists and turns their “bargain” takes.


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