Near Life Experience by Alix Bekins

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Faced with the possibility that he may be exposed to the HIV virus from an ex-boyfriend, David feels like heís about to come unglued.  With the support of his best friend Jason, David tries to keep it together as he awaits the result of his HIV test. Through crisis Jason and David learn things about each other they never knew before and open the door to take their relationship to another level.

Near Life Experience has a great message and Jason and David are a wonderful support for each other.  I liked their friendship but I didnít feel it should have progressed beyond that.  I felt their chemistry was more suited for friendship than lovers.  The story itself is very good  and aside from the romantic aspect of Jason and Davidís relationship their camaraderie with one another is fantastic.  Jason and David definitely cared for one another and Jason is a fantastic support system for David during a time when he really needed him.  Near life Experience is a great friendship story dealing with a very delicate matter.


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