Mistress Dalibor by Anah Crow

Arcana: Queen of Swords

Torquere Press

Futuristic F/F

ISBN: 978-1-60370-367-3

Reviewed by Lisa



After two decades aboard the Surama, surrogate mother, Dejana Dalibor, and Sorjen Langroen, the son she bore and raised for Djoran Langroen are finally at their destination.  Sorjen will be united with his wealthy father and Dejana will start a new life on her own.

Determined to make a good life for herself though she grieves for the son she misses, Dejana begins to settle in Xuran where she meets pilot Rioghan ‘R’an’ Tate.  Dejana is intrigued by the tough lady pilot and with her future wideopen it is time to take a chance or two on what life can give her and what it won’t let her forget.

Mistress Dalibor is the poignant, sensual journey of a woman who is finally in charge of her own fate.  Dejana experiences tender moments of unexpected ecstasy and harsh surprises that test her integrity, she’s a great lead character.  The world created by author Anah Crow is somewhat complex with decisive cultures that are not always easily understood but still fascinating.  Mistress Dalibor is well worth a look if only to enjoy a strong female lead without a ‘hunk’ in sight.


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