Mistaken Mistress by Tessa Radley

Harlequin Silhouette # 1901

Sensual contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-76901-8

Reviewed by Nannette



After writing a bad article for Wine Watch Magazine about the Saxon’s Folly Winery, Alyssa Blake is forced to sneak into the Saxon Folly masked ball to see Roland Saxon. Alyssa is determined to meet Roland.  Joshua Saxon is the one who makes the biggest impression on her though. Joshua can’t deny that he is interested in Alyssa but he senses that she is hiding something.  When the truth is revealed, it’s even more of a shock than what he originally thought. Alyssa has to face her past and her future with or without Joshua. She’d like it to be with him but can they get through the lies to find happiness? 

Alyssa and Joshua start off on the right foot. Passion stirs right away between them, but unfortunately life gets in the way and things change quickly. They have a lot of obstacles to face and they have to learn to trust each other, which is difficult considering what’s happening around them. Mistaken Mistress is a story with angst then happiness. Joshua is sexy and sophisticated. Alyssa is vulnerable and sweet. They make a good match and their story is heartfelt. 


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