Miss January by Madison Hayes

Calendar Girls

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419917325

Reviewed by Jo



Answering a wrong number was never so much fun for Mindy Walters.  Little did she know that the interesting voice on the other end would lead to a sexy and intriguing man.  Mindy is a bit hesitant about the other sex because in her world, very few men want a relationship with a smart, tall and built woman.  Avoiding the situation usually works for her, but when called to help, Mindy steps into the beginning of a world she didnít expect to be in Ė one in which she is seen as sexy and desirable.

Cash McLaren has all but decided to stop looking for a forever woman.  He is of the opinion that maybe he should be like the vintage calendars he loves and have a different woman for every month.  Then a sassy voice on the other end of a wrong phone call grabs his attention.  Cash decides he has to meet the woman that goes along with the voice.  As Cash gets to know Mindy, everything about her leads him to the conclusion that she could be the entire calendar, every month and every year.  Cash just has to figure out a way to get Mindy to agree to be his only calendar girl Ė starting with Miss January.

If you are like me and love humor, along with erotic sex and great characters, then you are going to love Miss January.  Mindy is willing to try for a lasting relationship, but canít quite forget about a disastrous one in her past.  Cash is all about a girl of the month until he meets his girl of forever.  Mindy and Cash had me in giggles from the opening chapter and the phone call.  Then I totally fell for them as Mindy decides to have a bit of sexy revenge for a tiny lie.  Watching two characters come together as these two do kept me not only flipping the pages but also returning a bit late from lunch.   Miss January is a keeper in every way and one that will be re-read often. 

You donít have to read the Calendar Girl series in order but once you begin with Ms. Hayesí calendar, Iím pretty sure you will want to get every month of these wonderful women and their men.


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