Midsummer Magic by Molly Stark

Sisters of the Heart, Book 1

Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1-60154-245-3

Reviewed by Tori



Mirabelle Fitzhenry is now a spinster and a poor relation, so when her uncle offers one Miss Mirabelle, and by chance her cousin shares the same name, as collateral to settle a debt, she finds herself betrothed to a man surrounded by scandal.  Mira knows that it is up to her to clear up the mystery of her fiancé but can she trust him, and herself even when logic makes him the logical suspect?

Nicholas Ellerby or Lord Balthazor by title has been accused of killing three young girls, one of them his fiancée and now is shunned by society.  Instead of clearing the matter up he chooses to take the punishment because he does not believe that anyone will see him as innocent.  When Mira starts digging around trying to find out the truth Nicholas worries that she will uncover family secrets that he does not want the answers to.

Midsummer Magic is a delightful read.  I can normally guess the “bad” guy in romance novels, but this one had me changing my mind several times before the end.  I liked Mira as a heroine, she is unconventional and Nicholas was a good fit for her.  Both have their flaws that they need to get around but the flaws are what attract the two to each other.  I cannot wait for book two now.



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