Midnight Reborn by D. McEntire

The Watchers, Book 1

Samhain Publishing


ISBN:  1-59998-952-2

Reviewed by Jambrea



Robyn Andrews is running from her past with nowhere to go and fearing for her life.  Trigg is a Watcher who has pledged to hunt rogue vampires and protect the human race.  When Robyn tries to save him she has no idea of what she is getting herself into.

Trigg is a vampire, Robyn is human and the two don’t mix.  Can Robyn and Trigg get over their differences?  Will Trigg’s world allow them to be together?

Midnight Reborn is a great peek into a new world.  Trigg is so conflicted and adorable.  Robyn is conflicted in her own way.  They are both strong characters with issues to work through.  Trigg is there for Robyn every step of the way even when he feels it is best to leave.  D. McEntire brings this world to life in such a way that it drew me in.  The only thing I wanted more of was Robyn’s emotions.  First I want to say I LOVED Midnight Reborn, but I wish Robyn’s emotions were more upfront.  I felt that there was a wall she hid behind.  Robyn went through so much and she was so raw, but all I felt was her tough front.  Maybe it is just me, but she bounced back so fast and I wanted…more.

Ms. McEntire has a wonderful world in her Watcher’s series and I can’t wait for the next installment.


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