Midnight Brunch by Marta Acosta

Casa Dracula, Book 2

Pocket Books


ISBN 10: 1416520392

ISBN 13: 978-1416520399

Reviewed by Jo



After a lifetime of never quite fitting in, Milagro de los Santos just might have found not only a place but also maybe even a family that she fits in with.  Milagro has overcome her “infection” and is living with the love of her life, Oswald Grant.  The family is still amazed that Milagro not only did not die from the infection but has overcome it and no longer needs blood.   However, not everything is roses, as the family is getting together for some type of special ceremony and Milagro is not invited to join them, she can’t even talk Oswald into letting her observe it. 

Scary strangers have arrived and of course conflict has surrounded Milagro.  This time it’s not Oswald to the rescue but his sexy cousin, Ian.  After that night, Milagro and Oswald have to separate for a bit, her to attend a friend’s wedding and Oswald on a mission of mercy.  When danger not only follows Milagro to the city, but someone actually tries to kill her, Milagro runs to the desert only to find even more bizarre situations.  Milagro, being Milagro, needs to work her way through, a producer, a sketchy writer, a flighty heiress and others - all of which are with her at a spa that is trying to hold its secrets from Milagro.  Yeah right.

Midnight Brunch is a continuation of the zany life and love of Milagro.  This time the danger to her is from a totally different angle and she does not have her hunk, Oswald to help her feel her way.  I still love that Milagro is her funny, zany and intelligent self.  Of course I am charmed by Milagro’s walking to the drummer of a totally different rhythm.  I will say that there were a couple of places where I wondered at Oswald’s reactions, but in the end he came through for Milagro and this time he ended the story with the best scene.  Midnight Brunch will have you laughing and shaking your head all at the same time in several places.  I look forward to seeing just what escapades Milagro and crew will get up to next.


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