Meet and Greet by Chris Owen

Used, Rare and Limited Editions 1

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-462-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Arriving at a new job site, carpenter Dave Allen is taken aback by his client Desmond Chase who insists on very rigid, formal manners from Dave.  When Dave meets Wyatt Cole it finally clicks that the two share a D/s lifestyle.

Mixed signals and poor communication have made this an awkward situation for Dave plus it doesn’t help that his boss and sometime partner Archie McBain knows Desmond and his preferences.  At first Dave is uncomfortable but now he’s kind of curious.  This may be a more interesting week than Dave was expecting it to be.

Fast, fun and flirty with a lick of D/s, Meet and Greet is a hot ride.  Two couples, one committed and the other still trying to figure things out are at the forefront of Meet and Greet, a quick reading treat.


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