Marrying the Boss by Megan Kelly

Harlequin American Romance #1206



ISBN-13: 978-0-373-75210-2

Reviewed by Tori



Leanne Fairbanks is the illegitimate child of a wealthy businessman that decided to have a gameshow-like contest to decide who would inherit his businesses.  Leanne has known about her father her entire life but wants nothing from him.  All she knows is the years that her mother spent alone because of foolish choices.  Before Leanne can bow out of the contest she overhears a conversation and it is game on.

Mark Collins is the adopted grandson of “The Lion” and has done all he can in life to prove that he belongs in his family.  When Lionel died, Mark figured he would inherit the Company and was shocked to learn about Leanne and the will.  Mark knows he belongs at the head of the company that he was groomed to take over, but when Leanne makes connections he has been trying to make for years, he gets a little nervous.

Marrying the Boss had so much potential but failed to hit the mark.    The story line did not flow well and I never really felt any chemistry between the two lead characters.  I found the side story to be more romantic and really wished that they had been the focus.  Mark and Leanne spent the whole book not trusting or even respecting the each other and never giving the other time to explain themselves.


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