Lucky Charm by Carly Phillips

Lucky, Book 1


Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-77331-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Derek Corwin and Gabrielle Donovan were in love but a curse tore them apart. The Corwin men were cursed by a witch to lose their love and fortune if they fell in love. To save himself and Gabrielle from that pain Derek left her. When Gabriel comes back to their hometown to speak about her most recent book and discuss the Corwin curse, she knows she’ll see Derek again. She’s never gotten over him and she’s determined to see if her high school sweetheart still has feelings for her as well. If he does, Gabrielle plans to win him back, curse be damned. As Gabrielle tries to solve the mystery of the Corwin curse it becomes clear that someone wants her and her friends to stop meddling, but Gabrielle is convinced she knows what’s really going on and she thinks if she can explain it, Derek will change his mind about it and their relationship. Easier said than done though because Derek says he isn’t willing to hurt her. Unfortunately, he already has, and he’s about to again.

Lucky Charm kept me smiling from start to finish. Gabrielle has a lot of spunk and determination. Derek is charming. He’s a good dad and an easygoing guy, except for his stubbornness about the curse. Gabrielle and Derek have great chemistry. Whether they’re talking, arguing, or making love, their connection is strong and undeniable. They were made for each other.  Lucky Charm is romantic, fun, and sexy. I love Carly Phillips’ books and I can’t wait to read the next in the Lucky series!


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