Love With A Welcome Stranger by Lynnette Baughman

The Wild Rose Press

Western Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60154-314-X

Reviewed by Ley



Heartbroken and betrayed Mandy left Montana and channeled all her energy into becoming a famous actress and a household name.  Kidnapped and almost killed by a deranged fan, Mandy returns home no longer the person she was when she left.  Mandy had to learn to walk, talk and relearn her life all over again. 

Campbell West loved Mandy. He followed her life from the moment she left Montana.  He knows what she’s been through and what brought her back to Montana.  He also knows her memory was limited, but his wasn’t.  He remembered everything about her, especially how much he loved her and still does.  Will they finally be given a second chance; will Mandy want him once her memory returns?

Love With A Welcome Stranger is a very sweet story.  I adored Mandy.  She had the sweetest disposition.  She lived through hell and was still able to smile, love and forgive.  Cam and Mandy were a good match and it was sad that outside interference ruined what they had and could have had, but Love With A Welcome Stranger shows that true love always win in the end.  I really liked this story.  D’Ann, Mandy’s sister, all the other supporting characters and of course Mandy and Cam made Love With A Welcome Stranger a fantastic and wonderfully enjoyable read.


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