Loved Enough by Kerry A. Jones

Black Lyon Publishing

Western Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-9793252-1-2

Reviewed by Ley



Fate has decided to play a part in Megan Landers life by leading her to the one man she never thought she could have.  Getting caught in a flash flood Megan finds her self rescued by Evan Holloway, every girl’s dream and one woman’s husband – or so she thought.  Meg refuses to be a notch on Evan’s bedpost but fighting her attraction to him is a lot harder than she thought.

Evan always knew Megan was the one for him, but she never gave him a chance.  He knew he was risking rejection again but he can’t help himself for wanting her. Can Evan convince Meg he’s not the womanizer she believes him to be?

Loved Enough is a sweet loving romance story.  This is a story that if it were a movie you would not be embarrassed to watch with your mom or grandparents.  Meg and Evan are both kind souls who just want to believe in love and be loved to the fullest.  I enjoyed this story a lot and the author Kerry A. Jones gave me some wonderful words to live by, and I quote  ‘…people regretted what they had a chance to do and passed up, more than what they’d actually done and wished they hadn’t.’  For readers looking for a romance story on the sweeter side without a heavy focus on sex and eroticism, they will very much enjoy Loved Enough.


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