Liquid Crystal by Lynne Connolly

Department 57

Loose Id

Paranormal, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-767-2

Reviewed by Jo



Crystal "Crys" Miller just wants the evening to be over.  Her two best friends are two of the sexiest and most handsome men in the room – too bad they only have eyes for each other.  Additionally, her boyfriend is drunk and is showing just how prejudiced he is and it has nothing to do with Kai and Bryn being gay.  Nope, he is prejudiced believing they are something that doesn’t exist – mermen to be exact.  Crys has tried to hide this from Kai and Bryn but now they, and anyone else at the party who heard, know how nuts her boyfriend is.

Kai Murdoch and Bryn Murchison are a couple but they are more than that.  They really are mermen and that should not be common knowledge.  Besides that, Bryn is an agent in Dept. 57 and Kai is an independent consultant.  They are trying to decide how to approach this problem when a bigger one comes their way – Crys is in trouble and she will die if they don’t save her.  But to do that they will have to get to her underwater and not show themselves in their shifted state when they do.

Crys learns several things after her rescue: there are shifters and talents in the world all around her, they actually have a secret agency to protect them, there is a group of people out to kill all "others" and most importantly – Kai and Bryn are bi, not gay.  Crys, Kai and Bryn are finally free to discover the passion that has always been just floating around them and it sparks into flame immediately.  Crys tries to come to grips with all these new things in her world but when she is kidnapped, both Kai and Bryn are willing to do whatever is necessary to free her.  When the danger is over will love survive and if so will it be forever? 

What’s a girl to do when the two sexiest men she knows are involved with each other?  In Liquid Crystal Crys daydreams and is realistic enough to know those dreams will never come true.  Bryn and Kai have wanted to have Crys in their bed since meeting her and that is just where she wakes up.  The three of them work together to defeat the danger that will harm not only Crys but “talents” also.  Every time I open up a Dept. 57 book I know that the adventure will be page turning and the passion will flow out.  Crys, Bryn and Kai did all of that and a bit more while trying to bring down their foes.  I can’t think of any woman who would not have wanted to be in between Bryn and Kai – myself included.  The ending leads to what I hope will be yet another Dept. 57 book.  Liquid Crystal is jammed packed with action, danger and erotic passion that should not be missed.


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