Kingsley and I by Gary Martine

ManLoveRomance Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-934531-39-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Is it always obvious when you find the love of your life? For one man, it takes time. With every kiss and caress he falls a little harder for Kingsley. As he does, he worries if Kingsley feels the same.

Kingsley and I is a gentle love story that flows smoothly across the pages. This is no wham- bam- thank- you- mama. Itís a love affair that takes itís time.  I love a good love story, including those that have little to no sex. Kingsley and I was clearly headed in a sexual direction but it stutters often. Iíve never seen two men with this much self control. How they could, in the throws of passion, stop to reflect on their feelings is beyond me!  Kingsley and I takes these men on a journey towards love where sexual revelations, submissiveness, and self acceptance fill the pages.  Kingsley and I is a good story, but the frequent flowery dialog, occasional purple prose and the constant introspectiveness gets to be a bit much.


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