Kindred by Delaney Scott

Blade Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-897560-00-6

Reviewed by Lisa



The busy streets of Chicago can be a lonely, scary place to hide when you are wanted for murder.  The police are searching everywhere for Avery Johnson in connection with the hit and run death of Justin Lambert, son of Avery’s wealthy boss who is running for a major political office.  Now, Avery is running.

The Kindred and the Etrux are among various rival vampire clans in Chicago.  The leader of the Kindred is Jax, an honorable and centuries old vampire while the leader of the Etrux, Devlin is much younger and evil to the core.

When fighting some Etrux fledglings, Jax and some of his men find Avery partially drained in an alleyway.  Avery is the key to a diabolical plan set in motion and controlled by Devlin.  Only Jax has a chance of stopping this bid for power and domination using the woman who looks exactly like Jax’s first love in ancient Egypt.

With a deep and intricate plot, Kindred is a powerhouse vampire tale.  The various clans, the plotline and the motivations are all great ideas, while the overall concept is interesting and unique.  Unfortunately I felt like I was scrambling to understand the plot, as if this was a second story in a series and the different factions and main players had already been explained at length.  Jax is a hot hero where as Avery who is supposedly a dynamo at work is extremely passive for much of this story.  Kindred has so much going for it but for me, the problems out weigh the possibilities.


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