Justice For A Ranger by Rita Herron

The Silver Star of Texas

HQN - Intrigue #977


ISBN: 9780373887514

Reviewed by Tanya



Texas Ranger Cole McKinney is known for his tracking abilities in the Rangers.  But, he is also known as the half brother to the McKinney brothers of Justice, Texas who was abandoned by his father.  This assignment is not one that will be easy as he has never seen his father face to face and part of his job will be to find evidence that will either convict or clear the same man.  At least he finds a gorgeous leggy blond on his first night in town, even if she almost caused him to trash his bike. 

Joey Hendricks has a lot to prove when she comes back to Justice.  First, she wants to prove that she is good at her job and as special investigator for the Governor, she is also hoping that she will be able to help solve the murders that started long ago during the same time as her baby brother disappeared.  But, what will happen if it turns out to be one of her parents, who are the prime suspects?  Will she be able to accomplish her goals and fend off the sexy Cole, while all she can think about is him?

Now, suddenly it appears that someone is trying to kill Joey and Cole is learning just how much he cares for her and wants her safe.

Justice For A Ranger is the fantastic conclusion to the Silver Star of Texas series and the best one yet.  I was very intrigued by a series being written by three different authors and how their style might either draw me into the stories or turn me off.  What I found is that the series was so well written that I was quickly drawn in.  I do have to mention that while all the main characters were in law enforcement I was a little disturbed in this story by how they were all allowed to investigate a set of murders they were all connected to.  But, at least Ms. Herron tried to explain this phenomenon in Justice For A Ranger.  I was drawn into Ms. Herron’s characters and writing style at the beginning and enjoyed the book immensely.  You could easily Justice For A Ranger as a stand-alone book but when you can have multiple sexy Texas Rangers why settle for one?  Pick up the series.


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